Welcome to my site! This space is dedicated to sharing my love of all things planning and organisation related. I’ve always used planning to keep my life in order, right from building revision timetables for my exams to planning my ever more ambitious holiday itineraries.

About 4 years ago I decided to pick up the pace on my travelling and began to try to engineer my annual leave to the max to get to as many places as possible each year. I ambitiously set myself the goal of visiting 8 new countries each year. It doesn’t always happen, especially if I’m hitting a few farther flung destinations, but it’s a great aim and keeps me looking for interesting destinations.

Me doing a handstand in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Me doing a handstand in the Blue Lagoon!

I’ve always gone a bit OTT with holiday planning, making detailed itineraries and mapping out my days on Google maps. Some people find it too much but lots of other friends have asked me for copies of my itineraries while they’re planning their own trips. I thought that maybe other people would find my tried and tested itineraries helpful so I decided to set up this site to share them with the world.

Alongside my travel itineraries I’m also sharing some of my tips for planning and time management more widely.

I hope you enjoy my content and please feel free to say ‘hi’ in a comment and let me know whether you’ve tried any of the things on my itineraries. Happy reading!