Travel itineraries

This page displays the travel itineraries I’ve made for my trips which have been reworked based on my own travel experiences to sharpen them up and to keep practical details up to date. I’ll also post itineraries for upcoming travel which has yet to be completed and I’ll report back on any changes made as a result of my experiences.

I’d love to hear from you about your own itineraries for these countries and cities, about whether you’ve used any of my itineraries or if you spot any mistakes!

I always use the same colour scheme for my itineraries: yellow for religious monuments, blue for walking tours and other sightseeing, green for museums, orange for eating and pink for relaxation.

One week roadtrip in Iceland

Download the pdf here Iceland itinerary pdfSlide1


Long weekend in Prague

Download the pdf herePrague itinerary

Prague long weekend itinerary

Prague long weekend itinerary

Weekend in Budapest

Download the pdf here: Budapest pdf itinerary

Weekend itinerary in Budapest, Hungay

Two days in Budapest


Long weekend in Amsterdam

This was a great three day trip with friends back in 2014. Amsterdam is pretty compact so you can see a lot in a short space of time and you can do most of it on foot. Amsterdam is a great city for walking around because it’s so pretty. Make sure you fit in a canal tour as it’s a great way to sit back and relax and see all the beautiful old houses along Amsterdam’s waterways. You can download the pdf here: Amsterdam pdf itinerary

Three day Amsterdam itinerary

Amsterdam itinerary

Long weekend in Venice

This is an action packed itinerary but with some luxury thrown in. You can download the pdf here: Venice pdf itinerary

Three day Venice itinerary

Long weekend in Venice

Scandinavian and Baltic tour

In August 2015 I set off on a self-built week long tour of Copenhagen, Tallinn and Stockholm. I had been looking at cruises which visited Scandinavia and the Baltics, but they were really expensive and I has put off by never spending the evening in any of the cities visited. So I decided to build my own itinerary flying between the three over the course of 8 days. Here’s my itinerary in two parts (you can also download the pdf Stockholm pdf itinerary):

Copenhagen and Tallinn itinerary

Copenhagen and Tallinn itinerary

Stockholm itinerary

Stockholm itinerary

Three days in Istanbul

I travelled to Istanbul for three days back in October 2014. Below is the rough itinerary I used. I’ve left in restaurants I went to and enjoyed and which still seem to have good Tripadvisor reviews, but the rest you can explore and fill in yourselves.

I stayed at Levi Hotel and Spa (Ankara Caddesi No:12 (Marmaray Cağaloğlu Çıkışı Yanı), 34110 Sirkeci) , which was very nice, had a great location and breakfast was excellent – I’d definitely stay again. You can download the pdf here: Istanbul pdf itinerary

Istanbul itinerary

3 day Istanbul itinerary

The itinerary

Two weeks in Sri Lanka

Below is my sample two week Sri Lanka itinerary based on my 2016 trip. I’ve updated it to include a trip to Kandy and Ella in the middle and reverse the direction of the route I followed to make the journey more efficient.

In a few places I’ve suggested private drivers to make the journey quicker. I can’t vouch for the accommodation or food in Kandy, having never visited, so feel free to suggest better alternatives based on your own travels!

I’ve also suggested different accommodation in Kataragama as I felt where I stayed was a bit overpriced for what it was. And I’ve suggested a new restaurant in Colombo, Upali’s, which has good reviews on TripAdvisor and fits the day’s itinerary. Enjoy!

You can also download the pdf here: Sri Lanka pdf itinerary

The itinerary

Sri lanka itinerary week 2

Sri lanka itinerary week 2

Sri lanka itinerary week 1

Sri lanka itinerary week 1

Two days in Barcelona

Below is my sample two-day Barcelona itinerary based on my 2015 trip but tweaked to represent what I’d do with hindsight. This includes starting slightly early on Friday (so probably taking a flight which arrives around 5-6pm) to allow for a second dinner in Barcelona, although if you want to keep strictly to a weekend then you can forfeit the dinner and arrive later.

It’s quite an ambitious schedule which requires some pretty prompt starts in the morning, but if you want to see a huge portion of Barcelona in two days, then this one way of doing it.

A lot of it can be completed on foot, but a couple of taxis would be required to maximise time. If you use the itinerary or have thoughts on how ‘doable’ it is, then I’d love to hear about it.

You can read about my 2015 weekend in Barcelona here:

And download the pdf here: Barcelona pdf itinerary

The itinerary

Barcelona itinerary 2 days

Two day Barcelona example itinerary