12 days in Sri Lanka – on the road again

Day 8 – the bus: after treating myself to a lie in, breakfast and a final hour on the beach I headed to the bus stop and was straight onto the 350 to Matara, which only took 30 minutes. After wandering slightly perplexed around the bus station at Matara, which is rather large and busy, I found the right stand for the bus to Tissamaharama (or Tissa for short). I couldn’t quite believe what awaited me inside. The entire inside was resplendent in images from Disney’s Tangled and punctuated with flashing lights. The journey was straightforward and took more or less bang on three hours (the 340/1 bus…I think?)


The bus to Tissa – the most extraordinary bus in Sri Lanka (or anywhere?)

Once at Tissa, it was the last leg of my journey and I picked up the bus to Kataragama which in just 20 more minutes would take me right to my hotel. A tuk tuk driver at the bus station assured me that the bus took an hour and a half (to get to somewhere 18 km away!) and that I should instead give him 800rps for the journey. I took the 36rps bus instead which was very quick and efficient. This took my 4 hour journey from Mirissa to a whopping 191rps…just under £1!

At my hotel there was time for a quick evening dip in the pool to relax and then I waited for dinner at 7:30pm, which seemed forever as I’d had no lunch. The only thing they didn’t have on the menu was curry…rather disappointing. But I filled up on some fried rice and went to bed early after a long day of travel.


Beautiful Mirissa beach

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