Trip planning – Croatia and Romania

So I’m super excited to be planning two upcoming trips, the first starting in less than a week (yay!) to Croatia and a second the week after to Romania.

I’ve already explained how I planned my trips on my travel planning page, but I thought it would be useful to show a work in progress itinerary plan so you can see how I’ve pulled it together so far and where I’ve gotten to with a week to go.

Sunday brunch planning

Sunday brunch planning


I’ve got my rough driving route mapped out, flying into Dubrovnik, picking up a car, and working our way north to leave from Zagreb. Here’s my rough driving plan:

This is what my Croatian itinerary looks like at the moment. Quite a few gaps in the detail, but flights and hotels are booked as well as a car hired. I’ve given myself two nights in Dubrovnik to get settled in and to have time to explore some of the many islands off the coast.


I’ve also made a couple of restaurant reservations to make sure I don’t miss out on the places with the best food or views. I’ve booked an activity while in Dubrovnik, a morning kayaking along the Old Town walls and out to some of the islands.

Croatian itinerary good to go

Over the next week and once I arrive in Croatia I’ll keep reading my guide book and adding more detail to my plans. Sadly I’ve had to miss out a few places that made my initial short list because they won’t fit my itinerary in the time available. Pula is one place that didn’t make the cut, where I especially wanted to see the beaches and Roman ruins. Unfortunately its geography has let it down!

My planning to do list still involves finalising my packing list and doing some more restaurant research for other stops on my journey. I always write a list when I pack so I can make sure I’m taking the right things (especially important to be organised if you’re doing back to back trips!) and so I can tick off items as they go into my bag. So many times I’ve got ahead with packing up to a week before I travel, usually to make sure I don’t accidentally wear things I want to take, and then I’ve totally forgotten what I have and haven’t packed and had to tip my bag out and start over. Having a list saves a lot of time and stress.

I’m going to write a post about packing (I love to pack) so you can see how I do it to maximise space and also save myself time and stress when I’m on a trip which involves moving locations just about every day. I’ll also keep you up to date on my trip around Croatia- I probably won’t be able to write it up until I’m home, but you can follow my trip on my Instagram.


My Romanian trip is also well into its final planning stages. I’ve been gradually working out the itinerary by working through my Lonely Planet guide to identify the places I want to visit and playing with Google Maps to work out the most sensible route. Here’s the rough driving route, although I’ll take the 7C, the Transfăgărășan Highway back to Sibiu, I just can’t get Google maps to show me that option as the road is closed until June!

I’ve managed to work out a circular week long road trip route starting in Cluj Napoca and flying out of Sibiu. I’m much more interested to see the Romanian countryside, small towns and villages, and the monasteries of Bucovina so I’ve engineered a route that avoids Bucharest entirely to give me more time to see everything else. My tour of the monasteries will take in Moldovița, Sucevița, Humor and Voroneț:

My hotels are booked as well as the most exciting part of my trip- a bear watching evening! If I have absolute must dos for a trip, I always make sure I book those up front so that I don’t miss out. This is especially important if they’re popular activities, like bear watching. I made this mistake when I went to Iceland so now I try to book well in advance.

Here’s my more detailed plan, although again this will be filled out as I go and read up on the detail of each town and village along the way. I hope you stay tuned to read about how my tripped went and to see all the photos.

Romania draft itinerary


2 thoughts on “Trip planning – Croatia and Romania

  1. I’m so glad to see someone planning on visiting the rural locations in Romania. Each village and small town has its own charm and they are often overlooked in favor of the most “touristy” destinations. I’m sure you will like your trip a lot and good luck with everything!


    • Thank you for your comment, Luminita. I am very much enjoying Romania, especially the countryside and villages, it’s very beautiful. Today is a more touristy day and I definitely have not enjoyed it as much! I’ll be writing up my trip to Romania on the blog in about a week’s time, so please do check back to read about what I got up to!


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