London’s Instagrammable Christmas spots

London Christmas itinerary

London is beautiful at Christmas but there’s far more to see than the main lights on Oxford Street. This is my guide to all of London’s best Christmas decorations.

I’ve split these Christmas spots into three main areas so you can visit them all as three distinct walks. If you want to combine them with some other Instagrammable locations then check out my autumn Instagram walk post which you could combine with the Knightsbridge locations and also my Instagrammable bars, cafes and restaurants post for places to stop for food on the way – I’ll note which ones are close in each itinerary.

So that you know what to expect, I’ve also made a note of which decorations are current and which are from previous years. I also still need to fill the blanks on the locations which haven’t been decorated yet (it is only November after all!) and some that I haven’t managed to visit yet.

Covent Garden and Mayfair Christmas locations

Start point: Embankment station for the The Savoy Hotel

End point: Carnaby Street for Oxford Circus station

Instagrammable restaurants on the route: Kaspar’s at the Savoy, Bob Bob Ricard, Amazonico, Sexy Fish, Beast, Brasserie of Light, Clos Maggiore, Park Chinois

Walking distance: 5km / 3 miles

Walking time: Around an hour but with stops to take photos or visit shops then leave between 2 and 3 hours, more if you stop to eat

You can walk this route in either direction, either by starting at Oxford Circus station (Central, Bakerloo and Victoria lines) and working your way south, or starting at the Savoy (Embankment or Temple stations are closest) and walking north. This is the general route (not all destinations are marked) – for all destinations see the map above.

The Savoy Hotel

The Savoy is beautiful at Christmas. It also has a lovely cosy feel (probably because the common spaces are a bit smaller than some of its peers).

There are always great decorations in the lobby and more as you walk through into the Thames Foyer. Kaspar’s at the Savoy is one of my favourite restaurants and a great place to start your day with some champagne and caviar!

Christmas in The Savoy
Christmas in the Thames Foyer at the Savoy
Christmas in The Savoy

Fortnum & Mason

This is one of my quintessential London Christmas stops. My husband and I never had a Christmas together until last year due to his parents living overseas so we always had ‘fake Christmas’ in mid December and I always came to F&M to buy a few small gifts on that day and to see the decorations

Fortnum & Mason
Fortnum & Mason

Make sure you explore inside and out as the whole store is transformed into a Christmas wonderland.

Fortnum and Mason at Christmas – 2019

Covent Garden Market

There are loads of Christmas displays in and around Covent Garden Market so make sure you take your time and look around – you might even find some new places of your own!

Covent Garden at Christmas 2020
Covent Garden at Christmas 2020
Covent Garden at Christmas
Covent Garden at Christmas

There’s always a big centrepiece Christmas tree outside the market but head inside for more photos in the apple market. Approaching from the north you’ll find other displays as well as decorated benches for some cool photos. Leaving the market via King Street you’ll pass Floral Court and the alleyway to St Paul’s Church, which also make great photo opportunities.

Christmas decorations Covent Market
Covent Garden apple market
Covent Garden Christmas tree
Covent Garden Christmas tree

Trafalgar Square

It’s not usually the most attractive tree, but it’s a lovely tradition, so stop by the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree on your way from Covent Garden to St James’. It’s been given to the people of Britain given every year since 1942 by Norway as a mark of gratitude for Britain’s support during the Second World War. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

Berry Bros. & Rudd

Another staple for my ‘fake Christmas’ is a trip to Berry Brothers to pick up my Christmas wine. This is Britain’s oldest wine and spirits merchant and one of the country’s oldest family-run businesses. It was founded in 1698 at 3 St James Street and their headquarters are still in the same building. Sadly you can no longer visit the old shop as they opened a new shop just around the corner on Pall Mall, but the front of the old building looks like something straight out of A Christmas Carol so it’s still worth visiting, and you can pick up a bottle of Christmas wine around the corner.

Berry Bros. & Rudd at Christmas
Berry Bros. & Rudd at Christmas

Burlington Arcade

Home to Mayfair’s jewellery shops, Burlington Arcade is beautifully decorated at Christmas and the gold-covered Laduree shop there is also something to behold.

Burlington Arcade
Burlington Arcade 2020
Burlington Arcade

28 Old Bond Street

The Royal Arcade at 28 Old Bond Street is a small shopping arcade off of Old Bond Street and is festooned with baubles and wreaths.

Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street
Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street

Tiffany & Co.

Even without decorations Tiffany is a smart Georgian building but at Christmas it’s extra sparkly.

Tiffany at Christmas 2017
Tiffany 2017


Cartier stores globally pull out all the stops for Christmas, and their flagship on Old Bond Street is no different. There’s an iconic London phone box opposite so you can get some fabulous photos with the red box in the foreground of the red decorations.

Cartier at Christmas 2020
Cartier at Christmas 2020
Cartier at Christmas
Cartier at Christmas 2020

26 Dover Street

A rather random stop on the tour, but this otherwise unremarkably townhouse is currently decorated with Christmas trees and garlands.

26 Dover Street
26 Dover Street 2020


Unless you know the right people, you won’t be able to get inside (which is probably a whole Instagram post on its own) but Annabel’s always put on a mind blowing Christmas display outside their Berkley Square residence and 2020 is no exception. This year the façade has been turned into a theatre showing the Nutcracker.

Annabel's London
Annabel’s London

Claridges Hotel

Every year Claridges invites a fashion designer to design their Christmas decorations. Last year’s were designed by Louboutin and this year is by McQueen’s Flowers. Even if you don’t go inside, there are always lovely Christmas decorations and wreaths around the building.

Claridges Hotel
Claridges Hotel
Claridges Hotel Christmas
Claridges at Christmas
Claridges hotel Christmas
Claridges’ Christmas tree

Oxford Street

You’ll cross Oxford Street on your way from Claridges to St Christopher’s Place. Oxford Street hosts London’s ‘main’ Christmas lights each year and they’re always spectacular, not least due to their scale.

St Christopher’s Place

Just off of Oxford Street and next to Selfridges, you’ll find the slightly quirky Christmas lights of St Christopher’s Place.

St Christopher's Place Christmas lights 2020
St Christopher’s Place 2020

Lancashire Court

A tiny alleyway in Mayfair leads to Hush (super Instagrammable cafe) and Mews of Mayfair but the alley itself is decorated with flowers and Christmas lights.

Lancashire Court 2020


Not a freebie, you’ll need to have a reservation for a drink or dinner, but it is so, so worth it. Besides the epic Insta-worthy interior, Sketch goes all out for Christmas – my photos are from 2018 when there was snow swirling in the lobby!

Christmas in Sketch
Christmas in Sketch – where it snows inside
Christmas in Sketch
Sketch Christmas 2020

Regent Street

These are always some of my favourite lights. For many years now they’re featured ghostly angels flying over the street, which I think look spectacular.

Regent Street Christmas lights
Regent Street 2020
Regent Street Christmas lights
Regent Street lights 2020

Carnaby Street

One of London’s iconic shopping streets, its Christmas decorations never disappoint and look even cooler against the colourful buildings.

Christmas on Carnaby Street
Christmas on Carnaby Street 2020
Christmas on Carnaby Street
Christmas lights just off Carnaby Street 2020

Knightsbridge Christmas locations

It’s worth combining these with my Chelsea Instagram walk (here) to make it worth your while.


Another iconic London Christmas scene is the Harrods building lit up with lights. Go inside for more decorations and dramatic interiors.

Harrods at Christmas
Harrods at Christmas 2018

Peggy Porschen

With an adorable display with each new season, Peggy Porschen is an Instagram staple, and Christmas is no different. There are branches in Belgravia and Chelsea.

Chelsea London Christmas locations

Chelsea has beautiful locations all year around (see my autumn walk itinerary here) but a few locations go all out at Christmas so it’s well worth a visit especially when combined with some shopping on the King’s Road.

Start point: Sloane Square station (Circle and District lines)

End point: The Boltons (Gloucester Road is the closest tube station for District and Piccadilly lines)

Walking distance: 3km / 2 miles

Walking time: Around 45 minutes – allow 1.5 hours to wander and take photos. More if you want to shop or combined with sights from my other Chelsea walk.

Duke of York Square

With seasonal changes in decor, this walkway is always a go-to Instagram favourite. This Christmas it’s a white and gold winter wonderland.

London Christmas Instagram
Duke of York Square 2020

The Ivy Chelsea Garden

One of London’s most spectacular Christmas displays, this year is a colourful Santa’s grotto complete with Santa’s office and a reindeer stable.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden Christmas
The Ivy Chelsea Garden 2020
London Christmas Instagram
The Ivy Chelsea Garden at Christmas

14 Chelsea Square

An adorable decorated pink door accompanies a woodland display in the front garden of this unassuming house. They take a collection for Great Ormond Street Hospital so make sure you take some cash with you.

Peggy Porschen Chelsea

This year is a Nutcracker and gingerbread house style pink explosion like it’s sister cafe in Belgravia.

London Instagram Christmas
Peggy Porschen Chelsea 2020

Turner Studios, Glebe Place

These matching pink doors have matching pink wreaths this year and make for some stunning photos.

Turner Studios Glebe Place
Turner Studios 2020

35 Carlyle Square

This colourful display has serious wow factor, especially set against the striking purple front door.

Carlyle Square
Carlyle Square

23 The Boltons

A beautiful Christmas display for a beautiful house! I’m not sure I’ved ever seen anything quite so extra as this giant red Christmas bow!

The Boltons Christmas
The Boltons, Christmas 2020
The Boltons Christmas
The Boltons, Christmas 2020

The City of London Christmas locations

There aren’t quite so many festive spots inside the Square Mile, but there are a few particularly Instagram-worthy places to note. If you want to make a day of it, there are lots of other interesting spots to visit in the City, which I covered in this post.

Start point: Liverpool Street station for Spitalfields Market

End point: The Royal Exchange for Bank station

Instagrammable restaurants on the route: Duck and Waffle, 14 Hills, Bob Bob Cite, Sky Garden, Sushi Samba

Walking distance: 1.5km / 1 mile

Walking time: Around 20 minutes to walk it but leave an hour to take photos and more if you want to visit anywhere else in the City (see my post on that here) or stop to eat.

Spitalfields Market

A great stop for all kinds of food and a spot of Christmas shopping, there are also decorations for some nice festive photos.

London Instagram Christmas
Spitalfields Market Christmas 2020

Leadenhall Market

There has been a market at Leadenhall since the 14th century, although the current building is clearly much younger (1881)! Every year a huge Christmas tree is erected in the centre and the rest of the market is decorated with lights and garlands.

Leadenhall Market at Christmas
Leadenhall Market 2020
Leadenhall Market at Christmas
Leadenhall Market 2020

The Royal Exchange

Just up the road from Leadenhall Market you’ll find the Royal Exchange which typically has it’s own Christmas trees outside(not this year) as well as decorations inside. The building itself is extremely Instagrammable even without the Christmas decorations and features a Fortnum & Mason champagne bar in the centre.

The Royal Exchange Christmas 2020
The Royal Exchange Christmas 2020
The Royal Exchange Christmas 2020
The Royal Exchange Christmas 2020

Duck & Waffle

You’ll have to book a table to eat here so it’s not a freebie Instagram location, but they do some very cool Christmas decorations and, coupled with the view, makes it a great Christmas Insta location!

Christmas at Duck and Waffle 2019


St Pancras International

The station is always well-decorated and this year is no exception, with Elan Cafe setting up a huge pink, carousel style Christmas tree.

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