Where to see blossom in London

Spring time in London

Just as the days start to get longer and the weather better, London is also treated to spectacular blooms in its streets and parks. Pink and white cherry blossoms and magnolia trees flower through February and March across the city – here are some of the best locations to see them.

You can find everything on this map – if you fancy a long walk it’s easy to construct one through Chelsea and Kensington to see a number of the magnolia trees and cherry blossoms…if you pick the right week!

Cherry blossom

Some cherry trees flower quite early in February, with others peaking later in March. The exact date will always depend on the conditions that year.

Aldgate Square

This square on the edge of the City is a short walk from Aldgate and Liverpool Street stations and is filled with benches so it makes a nice spot for lunch.

Instagrammable blossom London
Blossom at Aldgate Square

St Mary-le-Bow

This Wren church built after the 1666 Great Fire is just around the corner from St Paul’s and for a couple of short weeks sports some beautiful white blossom on the trees outside.

Instagrammable blossom London
Blossom at St Mary-le-Bow

St Paul’s Cathedral

Across the road from the Cathedral are a couple of beautiful pink trees. You can get a great shot with the Cathedral in the background – if you time it right you can get a red bus in the shot too. There’s also a smaller tree nearer the Cathedral where you can get this shot.

Instagrammable blossom London
Blossom at St Paul’s Cathedral

St James’ Park

There are so many beautifully planted borders in St James’ but at the right time of year you can also spot some beautiful pink blossom.

Instagrammable blossom London
Blossom in St James’ Park

8 Glebe Place

This is surely one of the most photogenic streets in London between the blossom, the pinks doors of Turner Studios and the imposing 50 Glebe Place. 8 Glebe Place features a beautiful pink tree.

Instagrammable blossom London
Pink blossom outside 8 Glebe Place

21 Campden Grove

Deep in Magnolia territory I found these beautiful pink blossoms.

Instagrammable blossom London
Pink blossom in Notting Hill

19 Stratford Road

Another accidental find were these white blooms in Stratford Road

Instagrammable blossom London
White blossom on Stratford Road

11 Thurloe Place

26 Portobello Road

Even without the blossoms, this is a pretty cute line up of coloured facades and doors!

158 Lancaster Road

62 Portland Road

Stanley Crescent

Perhaps the ultimate in London blossom (which I stupidly didn’t realise was so close to me on my mega walking tour of Notting Hill!) is Stanley Crescent, featuring a beautiful corner house with tree fully laden with white blossom.


There is nothing more spectacular than a magnolia in bloom and they completely transform the London streets where they grow for a few weeks a year. You’re most likely to see them in mid to late March, but every year will vary.

London Wall Place

I missed this beautiful tree until the last few days it was in bloom despite walking past it more or less every day! It’s huge and overlooks a pleasant seating area close to the ruins of St Alphage on London Wall, built in the 12th century.

Instagrammable blossom London
London Wall place, St Alphage

St Giles Without Cripplegate

Another accidental find just in time before the flowers disappeared! There are several huge trees outside the church of St Giles Without Cripplegate inside the Barbican, which makes for some really stunning photos.

Instagrammable London blossom
St Giles Without Cripplegate

St Mary Le Strand

Set in a fork in the road on Aldwych, the 18th century church is flanked by two pink magnolias.

Instagrammable blossom London
Magnolia at St Mary Le Strand

St Leonard’s Terrace

There are both pink and white magnolia tress on this street. Don’t miss the house on the corner with a huge pink magnolia tree and red post box right outside.

Instagrammable London blossom
White magnolia on St Leonard’s Terrace
Instagrammable London blossom
Pink magnolia on St Leonard’s Terrace

Glebe Place

As well as blossom and the pink-doored Turner Studios, Glebe place is home to both a white and pink magnolia.

Instagrammable London blossom
White magnolia in Glebe Place
Instagrammable London blossom
Pink magnolia in Glebe Place

Neville Terrace

There are a number of beautiful magnolias on this street, the most notable being at number 1 and number 12.

Instagrammable London blossom
1 Neville Terrace
Instagrammable London blossom
12 Neville Terrace

Selwood Terrace

Beautiful magnolias set against a striking blue door. Neville Terrace turns into Selwood Terrace so a number of these sites are all on the same street.

Instagrammable London blossom
Selwood Terrace

The Little Boltons

A number of nice trees (and loads of amazing houses) line The Little Boltons.

Instagrammable London blossom
Beautiful white tree in The Little Boltons
Instagrammable London blossom
26 The Little Boltons

Edwardes Square

Number 1 Edwardes Square has the most beautiful bright pink blooms with beautiful townhouses for a backdrop. There’s another huge tree at number 23.

Instagrammable London blossom
1 Edwardes Square
Instagrammable London blossom
23 Edwardes Square

Allen Street

Pink on pink in Allen Street

Instagrammable London blossom
10 Allen Street

Hornton Street

Another area thick with cherry blossom and magnolia is the residential area between Holland Park and Notting Hill where there are just too many picturesque streets to post here.

Instagrammable London blossom
41 Hornton Street

Stratford Road

Near to Allen Street and plenty of other pretty residential streets, this whole area deserves a slow wander during spring – you’ll probably find something new every visit.

Instagrammable London blossom
56 Stratford Road

Other floral displays

Two other famous year-round displays can be found at the pubs the Churchill Arms in Kensington and the Dickens Inn in Wapping.

Instagrammable London blossom
The Churchill Arms

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